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March 2007



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Mar. 26th, 2007

just one of those days

(no subject)

why do i have this bad-ass feeling that she's the one for him and not me?
that maybe it isn't us who's meant to be?
that he was a better man when he was with her?
and why the f*ck do i have to cry???

Mar. 8th, 2007


(no subject)

Last monday, i had my first first hand experience with my very first patient for our first pre-clinical duty. fiiiiirst.

Feb. 27th, 2007


(no subject)

They say that in a relationship, there's always one who loves more than the other. So, who would I rather be?

Hmm. To be honest, OF COURSE I'd rather be the one who's being loved more.  Call it selfishness self-preservation, but its a given fact that girls like to be treated as if they're the only thing that matters in his world.  Besides, if you're in that position, all you have to do is love the person back, or try to love that person equally back.  Which is pretty easy compared to what you have to do if it was the other way around.

Well, they also say you can't always get want you want. Fate can be pretty tricky sometimes.  But I'm not saying that its me who's loving more, I can't be too sure of that.  Its just that I'm falling so hard so fast it scares me.  Someone ought to lend me some brakes.

bitch, please

(no subject)

They're letting me off the hook! Hah!

*dances around*

But I know I shouldn't be celebrating yet, 'cause I haven't talked to our dean.  But at least the professor in charge of the competition finally gave me up.  Even if during her lecture in our class she kept on inserting that I should've joined and she kept on hinting that our dean will totally kill me, whatever.  And I don't care if she made me an usherette for the event, as long as I'm not a competitor.  Gah.  School work's piled up like hell, my schedule's totally out of whack , and they want me to miss my classes just so I could practice walking on a catwalk and be a part of some beauty pageant?! HEL-LO.  If I was kikay and all that, and if beauty contests were really my thing, I would've joined and they wouldn't have to force me.  But it isn't my thing. Sorry.

I just hope the entire nursing faculty and our dean will let me off the hook just as easy. Eeeee.